Welcome to MetaProducts® Registration! In order to register one of our products, you must first purchase a registration key through our online Store. When you complete your purchase, your registration key will be sent to you by email or by regular mail depending on how you purchased your registration key.

If you have already purchased and received your registration key then you are now ready to register your product, so just follow the instructions lised below.

How To Register

Your registration key consists of a number of alphanumeric characters of varying length depending on the product key you purchased. You may also receive a registration key with more than one field, like a user name and registration number. In any case, to register your product you must enter your registration key into your program. For more complete intructions on how to register your product, please refer to the product you purchased below.

Help Menu Registration Products

All of the following products are registered using a Register button located in the product's Help Main menu About screen. These products are:

  • Offline Explorer Enterprise Edition™
  • Offline Explorer Professional Edition™
  • Offline Explorer Standard Edition™
  • Mass Downloader™
  • Startup Organizer™
  • Links Organizer™
  • LightPad™
  • WebStudio™
  • Inquiry Standard Edition™
  • Inquiry Professional Edition™

In order to register one of these products, start your program and click on its Help Main menu entry. Next, click on the About... screen menu entry at the bottom of the Help menu. An About screen will be displayed and you will see a Register button. Click this button and a registration screen will be displayed. Enter your registration key into the textboxes where indicated. If your registration key is accepted, then a screen will be displayed that will say your key has been accepted.

Context Menu Registration Products

All of the following products are registered using a mouse right-click context menu. These products are:

  • TrayIcon Professional Edition™
  • TrayIcon Standard Edition™
  • TrayIcon Explorer™
  • TrayIcon Menu™
  • TrayIcon Classic™ (TrayIcon 3.1)
  • WinGO™ (TrayIcon 3.1)
  • DeskTool™
  • AutoDialogs™
  • Disk Watchman™
  • MetaProducts® Download Express™
  • MetaProducts® Integra™
  • Net Activity Diagram™

In order to register one of these products you must find its icon (TrayIcon Explorer, TrayIcon Menu, WinGO) or one of its icons (TrayIcon Professional Edition, TrayIcon Standard Edition, TrayIcon Classic) in the System Tray. Once you have located the icon, place your mouse over the icon and click your right mouse button. A small context menu will pop up displaying a Register menu entry. Click on the Register menu entry and a Register button will be displayed. Enter your key here to complete the registration of your program.

You register DeskTool in the same way, except that to display the context menu you need to right-click your mouse on DeskTool's title bar. When the context menu is displayed click on the About... menu entry and then on the Register button. Enter your key in the textboxes that are then displayed.

If you have purchased any of our product Collections then you may need to register your products using both of the above methods.

Where You Can find More Help

If you have any questions about registering your product then please contact our Customer Service Center.