Thanks... And compliments on your prompt and effective service. Keith

Rhona Small

Thank you very much for the quick response on my problem and it is solved! I must admit that I did not have any hope to get this problem solved or expect any answer back from you, purely because I bought this product over the Internet... I am really surprised and impressed by your professional help and response to my question. I enjoy your product for more than 2 years now, and is greatfull to be able to continue to use it.

Jon Spokes

Simply the BEST SUPPORT I''ve ever experienced from a software company! I have been trialing Offline Explorer and was having trouble with a particular site, until I posted a message on the forum and had an immediate response from Oleg, who figured out a way to do what I needed using the new v6.0 Beta Release. Super quick, trustworthy service backing up a well written, incredibly elegant product. 11/10! As soon as V6.0 is released I''ll have my credit card in hand! Amazing job. Congratulations to all the team at MetaProducts.

Basil Hobar

The last window I saw when I followed your instructions was "registration successful." So it looks as though you solved my problem. Thanks for your excellent support.

James Williams

I am writing today in regards to the level of Customer service I have received. To me it has been rather disturbing. The fact that your service has been displayed in such a way. That other companies should be down right embarrassed. Your company and this person "Oleg" to name names. Has shown me an extremely professional amount of customer care. I am beyond happy and have never before witnessed such customer service from another company. I have used Offline Explorer for many years and am still finding new options. And some of these options would have not been possible with out the personal assistance of Oleg Chernavin . I have never met this person. And have only conversed over email. In my opinion Oleg is a "SuperEmployee" as you may already know. Thank you, James

Tony Straver

Cadbury Schweppes Pty. Ltd. Reporting Team Track Lead
Hi Lena, Just a final email to say that we have the application performing as it used to be and that I was very happy with your excellent customer service provided as your website stated within 24hours. Thanks very much for your assistance in resolving our technical issues. regards, Tony Straver

Daniel Contreras

University of California, Los Angeles
You are AWESOME!! I've been using OE since version 1.x, and I have to say that your company has always been helpful in having great customer service. This is just another example of this.

William Gibbs

Thanks for your very prompt reply to my inquiries. You and Mr. Chernavin provide better customer and tech support than any other software company I have done business with over the years.

Alex Tarran

Thank you for the swift reply. You have excellent customer service! Alex

Rob Silva

Dear Lena, Thank you very much for your rapid response. As I said in my initial enquiry, I lost my hard disk. I was extremely diligent about keeping all copies of electronic downloads but it seems not quite so diligent about recording license information. So I lost most of my Metaproducts keys and a few other pieces of software. May I take the opportunity to say that the quality and timing of your response far exceeds that of the other suppliers whose keys I lost. Congratulations on fine software supported by fine customer service. Regards, Rob Silva

Robert Magoffin

Hello--from a faceless customer you'll never meet...but I want thank you kindly for your timely response to my problem. Prompt efficient response to a customer's problem does indeed instill customer loyalty to a product. Thanks again, Robert Magoffin retired (32 years in customer service)

Fred Hass

Good Morning Lena, And thank you for your prompt and professional response. You are most kind, and have been very helpful. Best Premises, Fred Hass

Mary Genovese

What a great organisation you are!!! That just has to be the fastest support reply I have ever experienced. I am a happy bunny again. Thank you so much.

Bill Fortney

Thank you again. Let me say that your support on this issue has been superb, and support is where software firms usually fall flat.

José Angel González

Thank you, I am surprised pleasurably of the prompt answer, of the suppliers that I have managed for internet, you are the only one that has given me an answer the same day, happiness and very grateful


Hope I'm being of any help. Thanks a lot for the answer. This MP team works WAY better than most hot shot companies out there, because you answer promptly, you show your interest in improvement and, no matter we can solve this little problem or not, I shall keep using MPDE just for that. And because it's good, of course. Thanks a lot

Don Kuzenko

I have corresponded with you in the past and wanted to thank you for your reply. I will purchase my upgrade this evening (I am having trouble with the on-line purchase from work). I'd also like to provide some positive feedback: I don't have his name in front of me, but I believe I am thinking of the fellow who developed Offline Explorer. At any rate, the person I have emailed in the past has always been extremely helpful providing support (even though at one point it was only for a trial version). I also very much like the product (I have dial up so it is nice to download certain sites so I can view them at 'virtual' high speed). Most of my experience is on UNIX based machines, but I have used a PC desktop at home for years. I am in the process of switching to FreeBSD and Mac OSX almost exclusively but will still have a PC around for 'backward compatibility' (and maybe a few games :-) I am therefore purchasing the upgrade to OE Pro as I would rather use it than anything else even though it will not be running on my main machine. I hope you take this comment properly, it is meant to be high praise of your product, your support, and ultimately your company.

Tom Goodell

President Integrated Knowledge Systems, Inc.
I want to thank you for your follow-up to my email re: Inquiry. I

Bill Gibbs

...The tech support from your company is better than any I have encountered with any other software I own. With many companies you cannot even email a real person to get help. The ones that do accept email often take days to get back to you and frequently the help they offer is weak. MetaProducts is a refreshing change with prompt responses that always fix my problem.

Michael Marriott

OE is one of the best applications I have ever used. It is an integral part of my daily operations. And your customer support is outstanding. Oleg is one of the best.

Hanna Jameson

This is a great program. I have nothing but praise for your organization. Excellent is the only word that can describe your work. Well done, and thank you for making something I don`t regret buying.

D Henke

I would just like to say thank you for your very fast reply and download link for Offline Explorer Pro 2.9. I wish all products had customer support as efficient as yours!

Leigh Williamson

Tremendous! Thank you so much for the fast response. I have been extremely satisfied with the technical aspects of the product. Now I am also extremely satisfied with the customer service as well!

Brian Slack

...Mass Downloader works extremely well and speeds up downloads to my PC via a mobile phone and infrared adapter. I don`t have a telephone line so this saves me money!

Lou Pronay

I wish to thank you very much for the prompt attention to my small problem and may I say it is very pleasing to have received your email with the instructions for solving it. It`s also nice to know that you care at Metaproducts. Once again thank you.

Paul Voogd

Thank you for this response! :-) I had expected none, or with a fee included... Incredible service! Thank you!


Just a quick note to thank you again for your help. It is rare for free product suppliers to provide help, so when you answered I was so pleased and grateful. I use Download Express for nearly everything, just downloaded my state tax file using it and it was so quick and easy. Sincerely, Betty

Adrian J.M. Cunniffe

You have a Loyal Customer in me because not only DOES YOUR PRODUCT WORK, which is of vital importance, but your Customer Service, well, what can I say, but it is a real pleasure in dealing with MetaProducts and their staff.

David Slater

Just to say thanks for an excellent product. It has saved me having to print web sites for instruction details etc. a number of times now, also it is a huge help being able to have copies of the tutorial instructions from sites handy on the hard drive. Keep up the excellent work.

Chris Seymour

Thanks again for your help. It is a pleasure doing business with your company; the programs you develop are terrific with matching customer support

Robert Bowen

Just to tell you [Download Express] is still doing what it was meant to: it gets the job done NOW! Never have had a moment`s trouble with this program - every download is a triumph. It still maintains an average speed of about 5.5/sec whereas the XP default downloader very seldom gets above 2.5/sec.

Louis de la Guardia Wein

Thank you very much for your very prompt reply. It indicates a professionalism not readily observed with a lot of email offers.

John Collins

Thank you for your prompt and clear response to my problem. I have had a lot of correspondence with Oleg Chernavin about OEPro over several years and I must say, based on this, your site provides the best support by far that I have ever encountered. I have used the support at many sites and I must say none of the others come close to your site. Your site really gives what you expect from support.


I just wanted to give you a big hug, but since I can`t, please accept my deepest thanks for helping me (again!) I guess this would be the third or fourth time that you`ve helped me. I`m trying to learn this computering thing and did some weird and wrong things. People like you make this world a better and nicer place. I really appreciate you going out of your way to help me. You even taught me how to copy and paste the registration number. Okay Lena, I took up enough of your time, maybe there are other people like me that need your kindness.

Brian K.

Wow. What great technical support! I could tell from reading the forum that response was great, but I wasn`t sure about response to private emails. Doubt no more. I can`t believe that a full page email was answered point for point within hours. Not only that, but an upgrade was provided with an enhancement that I wanted to have implemented as well. Incredible.

George McIver

Thank you for your excellent walk through to installing Mass Downloaded registration key; I learned something today. You instructions were clear and precise, and I do appreciate your prompt response. You have done a great job. Again, MANY THANKS TO YOU.

Nick Ellenden

Thanks for some of the best product support I have had from any vendor in the IT industry over a long time.

Chris Dersley

You guys deserve to go really far! Keep up the good work and thanks from a real fan of your software. Now if you could just write a browser to flatten the competition :)

Tom Ross

Hello Lena, I had to drop you a quick mail to thank you for your help in this matter and to congratulate you on your excellent level of customer service. Thanks again.

Antonio Bonacci

...your program is good enough to stand on its own feet..Excellent piece of software, backed up with Excellent polite and prompt service... Thank you very much for an excellent product and a top notch support service that goes with it.

Roddy MacKenzie

I love the new site. It`s almost as good as the products. Like the products and service, the site keeps getting better. I was interested to see the downloads page has (disabled) links for Mac and Linux products. I am still using W2K on my main PC at home for the sole reason that Offline Explorerer Enterprise is not currently available for Linux. One detail I would like to see on the site is an indication of what might be included in future releases (with the obligatory warning that not all planned additions will actually make it into future releases.) I realise this would give hints to competitors (if any exist) but it would also whet appetites of existing users and potential users. From other (lesser) companies, we only expect the impossible. From MetaProducts, we expect miracles. Fortunately you usually deliver them. Thanks for showing what a real software house can do

C. Lee Berry

I want to thank you for your very prompt reply and the help that you gave me. I haven`t had that type of care and courtesy from many others that I contact for support.

Peter Hartley

Hello customer service, Just a brief note to be passed on to the "boss". Today I make my second purchase of MetaProducts Software. Again I am delighted with my purchase. Your products are truly outstanding - solid, reliable, don`t clock up Windows with memory leaks, and work 100% as advertised. That