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Robert 02/06/2009 05:00 pm
With TrayIcon Pro running under Vista, many of my context menu items don''t show up when jumping to folders. Note that they show up if you use Windows Explorer within the operating system itself. This seems similar to another question/issue that was posted and confirmed here about 11 months ago.

Please tell me there is a fix for this by now otherwise this program won''t work for me and I otherwise love it. I have used it for years under Windows XP and it worked perfectly. Please help. Thanks...
Oleg Chernavin 02/08/2009 07:58 am
Can you please tell me exactly what do you mean "many of my context menu items don''t show up when jumping to folders" ? Thank you!

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Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Robert 02/08/2009 03:40 pm
Sure. Let''s say you make a folder shortcut to your digital pictures folder with TrayIcon Pro. Now you go there via the shortcut and, for example, you highlight some of the files and right click on them bringing up the context menu. You should now see all the Windows command shortcuts associated for use with these files. But many of them are missing. For instance there is no option to zip the files via Winzip, etc. Similarly, there might not be the option to edit a photo using Photoshop. Some other associated context items do show up but many do not and they are always missing every time you use TrayIcon to take you there or another programmed folder.

However, if you go to the folder the old fashioned way through the Windows Computer (formally ''My Computer'') icon, for example, all the context commands associated with those files show up and work perfectly.

This happens no matter what option you choose with TrayIcon to make the folder (Explorer window view, Explorer Windows with trees, etc.). This is all happening on my brand new Vista Ultimate x64 machine so I know there are no other conflicts present, etc. I have been using TrayIcon all the way back to the beginning days of Wingo so, suffice it to say, I''m very familiar with it. The program worked flawlessly for years on Windows XP but I was recently forced to upgrade to Vista. Sorry for the tome-like explanation but I wanted to help you the most accurately I could. I love TrayIcon and I feel lost without it at full functionality. Thanks for your help!
Oleg Chernavin 02/09/2009 09:57 am
I see. One of the reasons could be related to TrayIcon Pro running in non-administrative mode, while Explorer windows may have more previdges (when you open them manually). Can you try to run TrayIcon Pro by right-clicking it and running as administrator? Would this fix that behavior?

Robert 02/09/2009 02:55 pm
I tried that at first and it did not help. In fact, recently I''ve disabled UAC entirely because it was generally driving me insane. Even with that, the problem with TrayIcon persists. Any other thoughts?
Oleg Chernavin 02/09/2009 03:48 pm
I just tried that on my laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium. However I was unable to reproduce that. All context menu items showed well.

Here is what I did. I used New Item in TrayIcon Pro. I added Folder item (for c:\ folder). I also added "Applications and Documents" item and set its Program Path to "c:\" as well. Now I open Windows Explorer window by either clicking the latter item or first one and right-click on an expanding item. In this new Windows Explorer window I call contents menu for files and folders and it is identical to context menu if I open Explorer with Windows+E keys combination.

Maybe my scenario is different? Also, my system has only WinRAR application setup which adds itself to Explorer context menu. Maybe there is some other application that should be installed?

Robert 02/11/2009 04:13 am
Thank you for the information. I tried your way of setting up a folder but met with the same results. I am still unable find context menus for such programs as Winzip 12 and Powerarchiver 2009 by using a folder created by TrayIcon. I tried downloading WinRar and am happy to report that all the shell add-ins were available just like on your system. Could you please try using the other compression programs I mentioned to see if that makes a difference with your system? I have other programs that cause problems too but at least these are minor installs and offer free trials. Thank you for your continued help in this matter.
Oleg Chernavin 02/11/2009 02:23 pm
Yes, I installed WinZip 11.2 and Powerarchiver 2009 version 11.03.04. Both are visible in Explorer context menus when I use Windows+E buttons or when I open a folder from TrayIcon Pro. I don''t know what can be wrong. Maybe reinstall the above versions of archivers?

Robert 02/17/2009 06:38 pm
Thanks. I already tried reinstalling several items. Perhaps I have some software installed on my computer that''s causing a conflict. Anyhow, I''ll try to figure it out over time and if you discover something in the future please let me know. Thank you for your time, I appreciate the help you''ve provided.
Oleg Chernavin 02/18/2009 04:50 am
Yes, please let me know if there is any hint to reproduce this. Thank you!