V2 - lost settings

08/22/2007 02:04 am

i'm very upset with version 2 of Tray Icon.

I've been using TrayIcon Pro 1.7 in portable mode - tdf file was in same directory as TIP. I installed V2, and it said that i have to delete the file. So how do i keep all my configuration..?
Alexey Bogatyrev
08/23/2007 08:16 am
TrayIcon Pro 2.0 the stores configuration file in the 'Application Data\MetaProducts\TrayIcon Pro' folder in your user profile, for example, 'C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\Application Data\MetaProducts\TrayIcon Pro\tp.tdf'.

We will add the feature to store this file in the TrayIcon Pro installation directory in the next version.

Best regards,
Alexey Bogatyrev
MP Staff