What Has happened to SO Development. Please be honest.

Brian Howard
02/15/2015 11:29 am
Hi Oleg, It has been just over 2 years since I posted and we have not seen development of SO. Please be honest and tell us if you have abandoned the product. There are some exciting newcomers which are showing superior features to SO however as they say "The devil you know . . ." Please Oleg, give us all some indication if you plan on moving forward. Please don't say you will if you are not. You have done that before as evidenced by may last post in 2013. Respectfully, Brian (Sydney Australia)
Oleg Chernavin
02/24/2015 07:27 pm
I am sorry for the late answer. There are several reasons:

1. No really good features to be added. I had an idea to list Browser Helper Objects, but it is only for MS Internet Explorer, while many people use other browsers.

2. I am very busy with some products related to Offline Explorer now. Also, its 7.0 version takes a lot of time.

I could make minor versions of SO if it would be not a 2.9 version. Obviously 3.0 version with new big features is necessary to continue.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Brian Howard
07/31/2015 09:07 pm
Hi Oleg, Thanks for your answer. I am surprised you say there's no improvements to be made. The forum over the past few years is full of suggestions from people and each time you've said you'd include the suggestion in the new version. I've made a few suggestions myself - 1) a function to have SO remember each time it is told to ignore a change so it remembers and doesn't pester you again; 2) a notes field in the properties of each entry so a 'memo' to yourself about the entry can be made and many others in the forum. hey, I'd be happy with a point upgrade just to get those 2 updates. I'd be prepared to pay from a version 3 if it was improved enough. Happy to give further feedback if it helps. BTW, how come 'Off Line Explorer" is not finished yet? You were working on that years ago!? Thanks and best regards, Brian.
Oleg Chernavin
07/31/2015 09:08 pm

The development was on hold for a few years. Anyway, I decided to go ahead and add these two features to Startup Organizer. Please download the updated version and let me know if these features work as you expect:


Thank you!