Start Order not 'always' as ordered.

Brian Howard
08/07/2006 12:44 pm
I am a registered user of SO Ver2.8 and absolutely love it as it makes so much sense. I can't believe Microsoft didn't do this as standard in Windows! My issue is only this: On the odd occasion my startup order of items in the "Controlled Startup" section will sometimes start out of the designated order I have set. They ALL start just fine but just sometimes out of order. I only know this by the order of the icons in the tray which seem to indicate that they are starting out of order. I am using WIN XP Pro, the machine is running perfectly and SO has no other issues. Otherwise this is the best product of this type on the market - I know, I searched and trialed long!! Cheers, Brian.
Oleg Chernavin
08/14/2006 08:26 am
I am sorry for the late answer. Can you please tell me, if you have a delay between starting programs in the Options dialog - Controlled Startup section? If not, this disorder may happen because the system starts all the programs almost ot once and the ones that require more time to start may appear later.

You could set 1 second delay there to ensure the correct order.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff