Is SO the right product?

06/10/2005 01:21 am
I`m a fan of several metaproducts products and THINK SO might be the product I`ve been looking for. Here`s my problem.

I use a notebook in several different environments. I`ve created hardware profiles to fit several different schenarios. for example, if I choose "presentation" it wont load the wifi centrino chip or the bluetooth card.

In this environment (for example) since Im not going online it doesnt need either my virus checker, my synchronization utility or several other long loading and resource heavy programs.

I would LOVE to include programs in my hardware profiles but I doubt that is possible. As an alternative I would like to have windows load with NOTHING (or nearly nothing) load and then give me an opportunity to choose a collection (from several) of programs to load at startup.

Is SO the right product?
Oleg Chernavin
06/10/2005 04:25 am
Thank you for your kind words!

Yes, I think that Startup Organizer should satisfy your needs. You can move all programs to the Controlled Startup section and later you will be able to either be prompted to run the programs or skip them, etc. You can also setup a keyboard key to skip all of the programs automatically.

We plan to add multiple profiles to the Controlled Startup in future versions, which should help you even better.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff