Tom Pilon
11/14/2003 09:20 am
I`ve experimented with a few other startup control products and yours seems to be the best. I do have one suggestion and that is for you to include more about "what to do" instead of simply "how to do it" in your help screens. Your help seems to presume that I know exactly what I want to do with each program that loaded. All I know is that I want to stop a lot of useless stuff from loading and either delay or reorder some other programs that conflict with each other on bootup. It would be helpful if you would include some annotated scenarios.

I do have a couple of questions:
1) Is there any reason not to put all my programs in the controlled startup folder? It seems that one has the most power and flexibility wrt controlling apps that are in that folder so why not put them all in there?

2) Is it possible to automatically start programs that I typically start after the bootup process is complete ... such as Outlook. my file manager, IE, etc.?

Thanks for your help and a great product,


Oleg Chernavin
11/15/2003 04:12 pm
Dear Tom Pilon,

Thank you for your kind words and suggestions.

In fact, it is really hard to understand automatically if some program is useless or not, so we are still thinking on a way to let people know the purpose of each program they see on the list of autostarted applications. But we will try to find a good solution for that. Is it what you wanted?

Yes, it is probably a good idea to place most of applications to the Controlled Startup section. However some programs have to be started anyway when system boots up. Especially, on Windows 9x/ME systems. For example, systray.exe, internat.exe, some others should run before all other startup categories execute, so Controlled Startup doesn`t fit that purpose well.

You can easily add your favorite applications to the Controlled Startup section - they will start after all other system programs run, so it is safe to place them there. For example, I have Outlook Express, AutoDialogs and some other programs in the Controlled Startup on my computer.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff