Downloaded HTML files have incorrect name titles

09/17/2015 04:45 pm
I want to download only print versions of pages from a website ,{:100..300}
because print versions look better when they are printed.
This website uses the command, index?page=detail_pagelet&id=
to load only its "print" copy instead of the normal page. They all download
BUT they all have the names,

All the internal links in the documents and between documents do not work.

All the file names should be PN100.html , PN101.html , PN300.html. If I manually rename them , then the links work OK.
Is there a setting to correct this , or editer to rename ALL of them in one single step. Renaming all of them separately
would take too much time. Thanks
Oleg Chernavin
09/17/2015 05:12 pm
What if you change the starting URL to:{:100..300}.html


If this causes the server error, you may use Properties - Parsing - URL Substitutes and add a rule:

Apply to:

Would this work for you?

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
10/13/2015 04:15 pm
I have a question about the purpose of the asterisk "*".

What is the difference having an "*" at the front and end like this:

And just at the end like this:
Oleg Chernavin
10/13/2015 04:16 pm
There is no sense in front and end asterisk symbols at all. They are simply ignored and are used for compatibility purposes only. In fact, *abcd*, *abcd, abcd* and abcd work exactly the same way.

It matters only when you use asterisk inside, like ab*cd.