Downloading zip-files with strange long linkname

02/01/2015 10:19 am
How to download only all zip-files from a site that has

1) starting site with 5 pages:{:1..5}

2) Each page has multiple sitelinks like : ..... .......

3) Every of the above sitelink has the pictures with thumbs and three different links to zipfiles with strange long name to a different site

So what kind of settings and levels must I set , to download only all the zip-files containing ** from the subdirectories ?

Thanks for your help !
Oleg Chernavin
02/01/2015 07:47 pm
What if you would set a high level, like 20, allow all servers and directories and use URL Filters - Filename section with Included keywords:


Would this work as you want?

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
02/06/2015 11:59 am
Hi Oleg,

your tip works fine but I still have problem with the Filenames.

I have a lot of directories and strange file-extensions which windows did not recognize as *.zip

On my pc I have now the files in directories like this:

How can I change them to download all in one directory like this:


The part after "?" should ignored and all files should be in one directory.

Can you please help me again with renaming ?

Thanks alot for your good work !
Best Regards

Oleg Chernavin
02/08/2015 09:22 am
What about exporting the downloaded site? Please select it, click the Export Files button and make sure that the Standard Extensions box is checked.

02/08/2015 01:24 pm
Thanks for that great tip !

Its getting better :
it changes with Joliet-Format from


Still a little strange !

With 8+3 Dos-Format its too short -->

Any advise for shorting filename on the fly to -->

Best regards

Oleg Chernavin
02/08/2015 05:31 pm
There is one other way - please select the Project, click the Properties button on toolbar, go to the Parsing section and click the URL Substitutes button. Add a rule:


Make this rule to apply to filenames only.

Then redownload this Project.