What makes this portable?

12/07/2009 04:44 pm

What makes this portable? Is it portable by means of you can put this on a USB drive? Because I need a good download manager for me to take along with me on my USB drive for travel. Thanks
12/15/2009 12:20 pm
YEs I would like to know too... because it says portable download manager but when I go to install the program defaults at my hard drive [c:] so, I don't know if this is portable or if its not.
08/04/2010 09:03 pm
install the product, copy all program data, uninstall, and use data elsewhere.
PDM save all settings in a subfolder \DATA (need r/w access). thats it

PDM is the portable version of Mass Downloader.

the clue for me was that i ran installed PDM in a sandbox and it saved its
setting in the roaming folder in my user account (win7).
ok, too bad for portable i thought.

next day i tried to capture why it ran this way and i used the program data
and tried it elsewhere - i got that new subfolder and nothing else
(except the preset options for ie-contextmenu, turn it off)

so i guess i make PDM usable for my stick now.