Program slows down and deficiency

06/07/2008 05:10 am
Although I have finally find the way to run the program to download the pictures I required from the website. I found some outstanding program that could not be solved simply by the choice of all options provided.

1. The program will slow down and almost no response after download of say about 300 pictures. I guess it had consumed a lot of the computer memories and could not get its way out any more.
The program downloads the pictures at very high speed at first until about 300 pictures, then the program is crawling for another "whole" day before completing the download of the whole websites.

I have tried to reduce the downloading threads to less than 5 to see if this will help.

2. The program could not download pictures from some website, even the pictures at the first level. (Only one or two banners, advertisement.)

I have tried various selection from the option but still could not download from some website. May be the website prohibit the download of pictures. But I can download one by one manually by mouse right click. But it is great for some website but it takes about 2 days for downloading these pictures because of reason 1. But will fail even after 2 days if the program stop responding after 1 day.

3. The program could not download website that requires for the password protected member. As there is no provision for this. As some website requires this function on first attempt to allow download within the member sites. (But I have not tried this yet.)