Unstable Program

05/07/2008 02:06 pm
The Software seems to be very unstable under Vista, Aside from Constantly locking up/Pausing/hanging and crashing Windows Desktop Manager, and having errors, I can''t really even try the 30day period. I have 4 vista machines and 2 of them somehow teh time already expired within 1 week of downloading the software I tried re-downloading and then re-installing but nope. Other 2 machines are having a hell of a time even running the softare.

I tried Running under Aero/Basic Vista, and XP/98 Themes and still nothing. I''ve tried Running with Admin Elevated and XP/SP2 compatibility mode same thing.

When you try and change the Internet speed while the program is running program crash''s.

If you try and change the "Connections" limit while running Crash.

If you pause while running crash.

If you try and save your progress at any time crash.

Projects won''t even save and the program crash''s.

This program seems like it would be nice but whats the deal?
05/07/2008 06:48 pm
Wow after several hours of usage now windows explorer is constantly randomly crashing and on top of that the program is using up to 325MB of RAM and still going up. program 1st starts out using around 6MB ram (memory leak anyone), Also when you 1st start the program your cpu usage is around 2-10% this program is now spiking up to 100%. Just in the time i''ve wrote this the ram usuage went up another 6MB and still going up.
06/03/2008 06:23 pm
I am still try to find the way out for good use of the program without crashing at the end. It seems that only one of the version is stable, and the rest is unstable.

I am trying to save the pictures download bit by bit to restart the program again and again before it is crashing. It seems that the program crash because of the internal browser''s ability to handle pictures crash. You will notice when the program displays all the pictures downloaded that it will crash. I am trying the way to avoid the program to display any pictures after downloading, but it seems that the program has no selection for not displaying any pictures and will not remember the selection of not showing the pictures when restart the program again.

06/04/2008 10:24 am
I finally succeeded to download one website with the latest version without crash after trial and error.

The crash was believed to be the internal browser hangs when the program turns to the pictures downloaded and its ability to handle these pictures is limited that used up all the memories.

The program does not allow the following:
-cannot change the prompt to other non-picture row after the program stop or pause, the prompt is programed to return to the first row of the pictures downloaded, the system then hangs while it try to load the first picture loaded, and it takes quite a long time for the program to resume normal. (much much longer than any of the free picture browser available on the web.)

-cannot remember the view mode to text mode because of the above shortcoming. (Once you selected "view mode" in text mode rather than thumbnail. The program will return to the "Fit window" mode with the thumbnail again when download completed, or stop or pause. Making the program hangs as the first reason stated.

-cannot avoid duplicated files download once you have stopped the program after downloading some pictures. There is no selection to avoid downloading duplicated files of the same pictures in the afore mentioned situation. (Hence my download of the same website resulting in as many duplicated files as the times of interruption of the program. I have selected "rename files downloaded". Believe the program will not remember/put the original file name download in the file properties, nor provision to avoid duplicated files download once same file name was registered in the renamed file properties if the program has done this.)

-there is no provision to resume downloading from last stoppage point of the program, and hence resulting in duplicated files download. At least the menu are not easy to understand how to do this if provision is there.

-there is no internal backup of the project periodically to save the files downloaded at the background. (Hence all downloaded pictures will be lost if the program had not been stopped in the early stag once for a while, and once the program hangs and crash, all downloaded pictures will be gone except the saved ones when stopped at an earlier stage.)

I have tried to convert the picture mode to text mode for downloading to avoid the browser problem and tried several times with successful downloading the pictures of the same website. Also I have selected the smallest size for thumbnail in order to avoid the program crash because of the internal browser problem. The program also tends to crash if the downloading process has not been paused for other changes of the menu command- like downloading preference or project properties. (This has to be improved by either interrupting of the downloading process by the program, or prohibit the change of the command completely during downloading process.)

But the program is great to download all the pictures I wanted to download with some relative simple steps in the property command. Only the browser and some provision as stated to be improved in future version.