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Steve Kane 08/21/2007 04:35 am
Yikes, looks like this forum is getting spammed. I hate to see it become less convenient for people to post real questions or replies, but maybe a login w/ a one-time anti-bot step is needed.

Anyway, I'm actually posting this message to ask about the Offline Explorer Pro (OEP) project description feature. I like this feature, and I use it. But I find it to be terribly inaccessible.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to open or view the Description field for a project, at least for when the Project Properties window is open.

The button for accessing the Description field does not even seem to be in the tab order. At least when I have a project open, I always have to use the mouse to select and click that button (just to the right of the 'Project Name' field).

Likewise, I cannot seem to use the keyboard -- via the tab key, a hotkey, or alt+ keys -- to click the confirmation/close button just above the Description field itself.

I looked in the Help file, but I could not find any keyboard shortcuts for these functions. Do any exist?

If not, I would appreciate it if these two buttons were made keyboard-accessible: [1] the button to open the Description field; and [2] the checkmark button which serves as the 'OK' button for the Description field.

If it doesn't exist, I would love to have a hotkey or key combination that would take me directly to the Description field when I've simply selected the name of a project in the 'Projects' tab. (Just like "Alt+Enter" takes me to the Project Properties...


Oleg Chernavin 08/25/2007 05:57 am
You can also access it from the Project popup menu. I just added Ctrl+D shortcut to it as well.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff