.primary files

Josh E
01/20/2005 09:20 am
The FAQ on .primary files indicates that "in future versions of OE the parsing algorithms will use fewer primary files (and) eventually, we plan to eliminate the need for them entirely." In the meantime, is there a way to force OE to not create .primary files when using the file modification check: Do not download existing files.? I would rather it just create a .html file instead of a html.primary file, for example.

Thanks, JE
Oleg Chernavin
01/20/2005 02:15 pm
Modern versions of Offline Explorer (3.x) should not keep .primary files. They are created as temporary files until the file is parsed and then they are removed automatically.

If this is not so, can you please locate three files URL2s.dat, URL2s.blb and URL2s.idx and remove them from the disk.

This should help.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Josh E
02/02/2005 09:16 am
Thanks for the tip.

I`m using version 3.5.1904 (SR1) so that shouldn`t be a problem and I`ve located the URL2s.* files and deleted them. However, in files that I`ve previously downloaded with OE I still have many (5,100) .primary files out of a total of ~113,000 files. Furthermore, when I try to update the temporary files the parsing process never completes itself. It either stops after several hours ...or I get tired of waiting after a few days and cancel it myself. Any suggestions?

-Josh E.
Oleg Chernavin
02/02/2005 10:19 am
Yes, parsing may be slow depending on your Project settings. You may try to disable script calculations and forms exploration for faster parsing.