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yoni 12/19/2004 11:05 am
I tried to download a site that bulided with word. The download was exellent except of one problem, the images doen`t shown in the html page. I configured it to download all images without filters. I opened the downloaded page with Word and I didn`t saw the images until I tried to edit them than I saw them for quick flash. what can I do ?
Oleg Chernavin 12/20/2004 06:59 am
Please let me know the URL of the page with the images. I will look at it and see what can be done.

Thank you!

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Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
yoni 12/21/2004 05:22 am
Oleg Chernavin 12/21/2004 06:45 am
It looks like it is a MS Internet Explorer issue. I cannot see the images even when I open that site online in MS IE. I tried to view the downloaded page offline with Netscape 7.1 and Opera 7.54 and all images were displayed correctly offline.

yoni 12/21/2004 07:06 am
Oleg Chernavin 12/21/2004 07:47 am
You are welcome!