10/03/2004 03:03 am
When I browse the saved pages offline my Internet Explorer indicates the presence of the active content that tries to make something with my PC. But the original page does not contain such an active content! Does Offline Explorer add spyware to every downloaded page? I use Windows XP SP2 with firewall and evaluation pack of the Offline Browser. Will they remove the spyware if I will register the program?
Oleg Chernavin
10/03/2004 12:31 pm
Offline Explorer adds nothing to downloaded Web pages. This is just a new XP/SP2 policy to warn a user about any thing that might seem suspicious.

The active content are - java scripts, Flash applets, java applets, any kind of ActiveX, VBScript, etc. When you are browsing such pages online or inside Offline Explorer, the system treats this as Internet Zone and do not warn you. But if these pages are being browsed from your hard disk, the system sets higher level of warnings.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
10/03/2004 06:50 pm
Thank you for your answer.
I should like to explain the problem: I want to download a website with a lot of html-books. When I download and save that books by means of my Internet Explorer I can read that books ofline without any problems. But when I download that books by means of the Offline Explorer I see the annoying Windows message about the stopped dangerous content. As a result I cannot use that files comfortably and I cannot give them to other people. The message about the stopped active content appears always - even when I download a Web page without any java applets and so on. If you need a proof you can give me the URL of any Web page from your website or any other website that does not contain any active content and I will download it by means of the Offline Explorer and send you the screenshot with the stopped dangerous content. It looks like the Offline Explorer adds something to the downloaded Web pages. Otherwise why the Wep pages downloaded by IE, Netscape and Opera can be browsed offline without problms? In any case I do not want to switch off the Windows security system. Why OE cannot download the Web pages as safely as IE, Netscape and Opera?
Oleg Chernavin
10/04/2004 07:30 am
MS Internet Explorer adds the following line to the the top of all saved Web pages:

<!-- saved from url=(0068)http://www.metaproducts.com/mp/mpSupport_User_Forums_Add.asp?id=8078 -->

This line tells the browser to skip warnings. If you try to open the page with Notepad, remove the line, save the page and try to browse it offline, you should get the same message.

Please try to do it on your system. Do you get the same results?

To add this "protection" line in Offline Explorer, please export the downloaded Project with the "Add original URL to HTML files" box checked. Try to browse exported Web pages. The warning should not appear.

Is it so?