Deleting a Project doesn?t seem to delete it?s history

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Francis 09/14/2004 11:57 am
When deleting project (as well as it`s associated files through IE explorer), there still seems to be some residual files laying around in a cache somewhere. I`ve tried dump my IE offline files, as well as the information located in the hidden directory in my User data. There is no evidence of this information in the registry either. Where is this program storing it`s file cache and history?
Francis 09/14/2004 12:20 pm
I just figured it out. The file cache and URL history isn?t cleared out of the RAM when the program shuts down. I had to reboot my system just to reset this program. LOL
Oleg Chernavin 09/14/2004 12:30 pm
This infrormation belongs to MS Internet Explorer. Offline Explorer uses MS IE embedded window as the Internal browser. Frankly, I don`t know how and where MS IE keeps this history information and how it can be cleaned without rebooting the system.

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Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff