how to download this ??? badly nee ur help

Captain Black
08/22/2004 08:54 pm
Hi i want to download microsoft windows xp resource kit it is available for online browing at

I want to download this ( the whole kit ) please help me ???? please this is my first time donwloading a web site so please be a little easy..... dont know much hope u people would help me thanks in advance
Oleg Chernavin
08/23/2004 08:31 am

The site always redirects to a page with frames, so you will need to do the following:

Create a new Project by clicking the New button on toolbar in Offline Explorer.

Specify the starting Project URL:

Uncheck the Level setting.

Go to URL Filters | Directory - select "Load from all directories". URL Filters | Filename - select "Custom configuration". Then add the following 3 keywords to the Included filename keywords list:


Click OK button to save changes and start the download.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff