What a is

08/17/2004 12:02 am
What a software this is ........... firstly it doesnt have any help file included with it ....... it is the worse software that i have ever come accross my 9 years experience .......... one day i found a web site and wanted to download it so i used this software ... and it gracefully startded downloading the website........ i left it for about 5 hours and rounda bout 120 MB of the website was downloaded......... but i had some work so i have to leave this at that moment ....... so to stop it downloading i stoped it ( there is no pause button ....... this is really bad idea that the pause button is not included .......... who is using dialup would sit day nand night being connected ) .......... later in the evenng i wanted to restart that download but it started from the beggining ............... i was very astoinished i went to the c :\ download and the folder that reperesed my site ....... checked its properties well there were 3290 files and still a lot more files weree being downloaded but the fiels were not put in the foldere that i eearlier specified and in which i have downloaded ther est of the web stie.................. is this created by the program or their makers because of not documenting it well ................
Oleg Chernavin
08/17/2004 04:51 am
We are sorry that you are upset with Offline Explorer. The best way to get familiar with it is to read its help file. You can access it in the Help menu | Contents. There is a short and informative Getting Started chapter that will help you to see how to start working with it.

Also, there are many ways to stop/pause/continue downloads. When you have a download running, you can pause it temporary using the Download | Suspend menu or F9 key.

To stop the download and save the current queue condition, please use the Download | Suspend to File. It will create a file with the recorded queue state and you will be able to continue from the point where you stopped.

Anyway, even if you stopped downloading by quitting the program or using the Download | Stop or using the corresponding toolbar button, there is an easy way to continue - click the down arrow next to the Download button on toolbar. You will get a short menu - choose "Download missing files" there and Offline Explorer will start loading only the files that were not yet downloaded.

Also, I would suggest you to use the Wizard to setup your new downloads from the starting Web site. There is a setting "Load only within the starting URL". It works best for most Web sites.

I hope this helps.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or suggestions. I will be glad to assist you.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
08/21/2004 02:31 am
this is the worlds "No #1 Bad Software" .......... Add it to ur Kind Customer Review ................. better u come out to the road .......... i will be the first one to give u the money for that one.......... this software has no arangemetnts and no friendliness instead .......... i cant say anything more about it so i am simply asking u a question if u can answer it to me ..........""""" i want to download a web site.... its more then one GB. so i cant download it all in one day it would take some 15 to 20 days if i use it 9 hours daily ....... so just tell me the one and simple and effective way to do that " """ dont give me too many methods and this and thats ......... as this software has many methods but out of them just one may be working God know the rest ( still a bit doubt about it ) ........ the problem with this software is that when i right click any project and click stop and then start it then i dont know where is it putting the files again as the folder which was earlier used to store that web site reamins the same neithr its size increases nor its files count increases......... so tell me some way like other downloading softwars do .......... take an exaple of download accelerator simple add the file it will start downloading and if u wnat to stop it clcik pause ........... and then start it any time when u want ......... simple like that but ur program is someting very bad .......... cant u make it so simple instead of giving so many irrelevent options....... also if a project is completed its link still remains in the same projects bar as it was durying downloading if u remove it it removes the whole directory .........please tell me some other software that does`nt have its name hope u would knwo such softtwares very well so please if u cant reply then just give me the links to other softwares...........
08/21/2004 03:23 am

I saw "alsjflsjfslfs" first original posting and was really shocked about his impolite language. I never read something like this before and hoped, that you would simply delete his statement.

But you are a professional, kept calm, censored the message and offered him your help.
My deep respect!

Your support is great (the software too!); and if there are any open questions, you are always willing to find a solution in the shortest time.

But how is he reacting?
Maybe he only wants to provoke. I can`t find any words for this...
Oleg Chernavin
08/21/2004 12:26 pm
> I saw "alsjflsjfslfs" first original posting and was really shocked about his impolite language. I never read something like this before and hoped, that you would simply delete his statement.

Yes, his message is shocking one. Anyway, I prefer not to remove such messages. As you see, I simply edited his messages to remove the dirty words.

Yes, the software is not perfect. In fact, no software is perfect - everyone knows that. And when you spend a lot of time doing a certain task and your work fails, this causes emotions. :-)

To answer about the problem while downloading the big site.

I am a bit confused about the problem description - as I understand, you wanted to pause the downloading for some time and resume it. If so, please use the Download | Suspend in the main menu. Or simply press F9 key on the keyboard. This way, Offline Explorer finishes the files which are being downloaded at this time and waits until you press F9 key again. Then it resumes downloading other files in the Queue.

If you stopped the Project download, it is better to continue downloading with Ctrl-F5 keys (or choose Download Missing Files in the drop-down menu of the Download button). This will command Offline Explorer to go through all downloaded files and find all links that were not yet downloaded.

I hope this helps.

08/21/2004 06:53 pm
Anonymous :: the problem has happeed to me so u keep quite its my way of asking such things i can deal such things much better then u and also thanks admn for censoring m words ...........

i am simply asking this question just tell mw the few steps ok??

i have a site to be downloaded on dialup modem its size may be well abouve a gb. so i cant download it at once ........ so i would like to download it daily. suppose i made the settings and the downoad begins and it has downloaded 10 MB ... NOw i want to pause it and want to go somewhere and also i want to disconnet and shutdown my pc and also wants to keep the downloaded portion remain in my harddisk so that that is not lost......... now again after some time i wnat to donwload the rest of the stie repeating thi process so please please just tell me what to do in this case .......

pleaes if u can give me some link taht should be good to define it as the help file inclucded has nothign to offer ( least to me )

Oleg Chernavin
08/22/2004 02:52 am
I am sorry that you were unable to find the info in the Help file.

Anyway, there is a very easy method to do this - when you are going to disconnect, shutdown the computer, etc., please do not stop the download. Instead use "Suspend to file" in the Download menu. This records the current download state to the hard disk. After that you can safely exit OE, do anything you want.

When you are going to continue the download, please start OE, go to the Download menu and choose "Resume from file". Then select the file where the previous download was saved to and this will resume downloading exactly from the point where it was suspended.

I understand that an automatic way to save the download state is better, but there are many cases when people want to stop the download and not continue it later. Also, when downloading huge sites, suspending to a file takes some time and it occupies a lot of disk space. This is why we decided to have several ways of controlling the download process. You have Stop, Suspend (temporary pause), Suspend to File (permanent pause).

I hope this helps.

08/22/2004 06:51 pm
Thanks thanks and many thanks !! now i can safely do what i want .......... as a test i have downloaded a really small web site ........ but i have one problem that suppose i download some part of this web site and want the rest to be downloaded at some other pc what should i do i am using winxp pro ?? please i badly need ur help i want to do the rest at other pc as this pc is very slow ( P1 166 Mhz , Ram 64 MB ). another compouter ( p4, ram 256 mb. 2.4 ghz ) also i have converted it to chm file format ( in pro version ) . and tried to open it but it sayed to begug or this file and whenever i click any like that chm file i am given 5 errors about debugging the page although i can browse the file i have`nt changed any settings just exportedt it except changing hte name ???
08/22/2004 06:57 pm
life is too boring and full of tension !!!!!!!!
i am cuaght in another trouble recently i downloaed a web site i think after downloaidng 90 mb i saved its using suspend to file and then resumed form the file ???? started downlaoding almost 60 MB was downloaed ..... but light went offfffffffffffffff now what should i do just right click the project and click start ?? or resume from the file ?? i dont want the 80 mb data to be lost any help ?? i have done nothing yet ?? please tell me some way to get out of this problem ??
08/23/2004 03:29 am
@ "a" alias "f..... o. m..........." alias "alsjflsjfslfs" alias "C":

> Anonymous :: the problem has happeed to me so u keep quite its my way of asking such things i can deal such things much better then u

Some people would say: "Don`t feed the trolls!"
But I still will give you an answer to your statement:
Did you ever thought about what a "User Forum" is good for?
Users are anticipating from other users experience. If you are asking questions in the forum, you are asking all of us! And if your intension was to insult MetaProducts, why aren`t you writing an email directly to them and leave us alone?
You are the one, who is awaiting help from others. But I`m pretty sure, that nobody else would have ever answered your questions. In any other forum you would have been kicked off immediately and a mail at abuse@... would have send to your provider.
To make the dimension of your insults clear to you: in most countrys your behaviour would be punishable.
In future: Better think twice before you are writing such things. You have really, really great luck, that Oleg is such a nice guy and still answers your questions, although you have offended him in the worst case that I could imagine. Perhaps it`s Oleg`s strategy to silence such people and in his situation he hasn`t much room to move. I don`t know if it`s a good choice to alter your message and leave it in this changed way in the forum without any remarks, but i`m respecting Oleg`s choice.

I could understand, that you possibly have written your first message under emotional stress. But after 4 days you are still writing in the same way. Your messages are full of untruths and worst insulsts. You are writing as Oleg had killed your family. There are no excuses for your behaviour. You have offended Oleg in publicy and there are still no words of regret, it`s a shame!

But, please: don`t understand me wrong. I hope, that my words aren`t a waste of time:
I`m the first, who is giving you the hand, if you can find some words of regret to Oleg and the other users in the forum!
Oleg Chernavin
08/23/2004 08:19 am
Guys, please calm down. The last message from C was quite good - he just asked on what to do if the computer powers off and how to continue without redownloading.

This will take some more time than resuming from a file, but it is definetely faster than downloading 60 MBs again.

First, please upgrade your oe.exe file to the following:


This new version parses files much faster. Then start Offline Explorer Pro, select that Project and press Ctrl-F5 - this will start loading the Project in the "Do not load existing files" mode. Offline Explorer will go through all downloaded files and find the links not yet downloaded.

Regarding errors in HTML Help files - can you please tell me the URL of the page which shows the errors?

Thank you!

08/23/2004 10:00 am
> Guys, please calm down.

Oleg, I don`t think, that I`m not quite calm (when you keep in mind what he did say).

I have the impression, that he is not reflecting in any way about what he has done.
I hope, that I have made this clear to him now. I only don`t want, that he thinks he can do and say what he wants and have success with his behavior, without any consequences.

> The last message from C was quite good

Sure, this is a small approach. But i only gave him an answer to what he has written under his pseudonym "a" (and now he is "Captain Black"; i don`t know why he writes nearly every message with an other name..., but this is unimportant...), a statement that he addressed directly to me:

> Anonymous :: the problem has happeed to me so u keep quite its my way of asking such things
> i can deal such things much better then u

Be sure, i`m the last one, who can`t forgive. Otherwise i wouldn`t have written my last words:

> I`m the first, who is giving you the hand, if you can find some words of regret to Oleg
> and the other users in the forum!

I understand that this discussion can`t be in your interest.
Be sure, i don`t want to say about this thing anymore. I`ve written all what i can say and i`m hoping that it has any good effect. If not, i will simply ignore him. That`s it.