Downloading pictures using locally created files.

07/28/2004 07:56 am
Hi Oleg!

Me again:) Back after the summer and downloading version Offline Explorer 3.3 (standard)
The oe pro I tried earlier this spring worked fine using your instructions until the trial license expired, so I`m now back to my licensed standard version and also back to my problem where I started, feeling a little silly :(

I have again problem to download file://c:\mylist.htm
I can easily open this local file with the integrated web-browser and follow all links on the page.
I can easily create a project of this local file but when I click download nothing happen.
The little green download arrow in my project indicates downloading (continuously) but no files downloaded.
Status-bar: Downloading, Queue: 1 file(s), Size: 0 Kb, Speed: 0 bytes/s
Project Properties:
Address (URL): file://c:\mylist.htm
Level limit: 1
* Download all files
* Load all protocols
* Load files from all servers
* Load files from all directories
* Load all filenames
* Offline Translation
Proxy server (correctly set with address, port, username and password)
I use the same local file as I already sent to you.

In the download directory I get nothing, not even mylist.htm.

Any idea?

Thank`s for excellent support!
Oleg Chernavin
07/28/2004 09:23 am
Can you send me that file again, so I could test it with the standard version of Offline Explorer?

Thank you!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff