problem with specific homepage

ryan krausner
07/16/2004 06:23 pm
i have a function that opens a homepage which is the code below:

this function is called many times from the homepage this way:
pagey = `pagn3d.pnd`

i`ve created a default offline explorer template for downloading but it does download just the main page, is there a way to make it understand the way this page works and download everything ?

btw, it is the first time i use it, so i will look at it more to see how it works, my friend recommended me it and its much better than another offline browsing program that i bought :(

thanks in advance
ryan krausner
Oleg Chernavin
07/17/2004 11:37 am
Yes, if the function is in the same HTML file where it is being called, Offline Explorer can download such dynamicly calculated links. Simply open the Project Properties dialog | Advanced section and check the "Evaluate script calculations" box. Click OK button and try to download the Project again.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
ryan krausner
07/17/2004 03:12 pm

thank you for your answer, but please, read below,

it worked, but it didnt download all, i`ve set it to download all files within the starting domain, so if starting server is it should download*.* but in some cases it gives me

This page is not accessible offline. Possible reasons: either it was an invalid link on the server or Project settings do not allow the page to be downloaded. In some cases, increasing Project Level setting should help.

at first i set no levels at all cause i wanted it to download everything, after seeing this message, i set levels to 999 and clicked on restart downloads but it didnt download anything else. am i doing something wrong ? this page has 3 frames, i think that may be the cause but not sure.

ryan krausner
Oleg Chernavin
07/18/2004 03:31 am

Can you please tell me the URL of the site and which exact links are not being loaded? I will see myself what is wrong there.

ryan krausner
07/19/2004 09:33 pm
hello Oleg,

unfortunately this homepage needs a code, which is given by a token, which i put near the pc screen and the code appears in it, maybe i can send the html of the page i saved ? would it help?
btw, to start browsing,i go to this url through offline explorer, enter this code, then start downloading, so its not a problem with password.


Oleg Chernavin
07/20/2004 02:22 am
Yes, you can save the page, zip it and send it to me to . I will see what can be done.

Oleg Chernavin
07/26/2004 08:58 am
I was able to improve Offline Explorer. That page calculated a line in a script, which contained a URL calculating script in its turn. Now such code is supported by Offline Explorer.