Downloading .PL Files Instead of .PDF

06/25/2004 10:24 pm
I am trying to download the manual for my truck off of but I am having nothing but problems with it. Essentially there is a webpage with a list of links to seperate pages from the manual. When you click on one of the links it uses the following code: <option value="/cgi-bin/ns-data-display_pl/,0/r1/ileaf/98toyrm/98rmsour/1998/98tacoma/in/htutm/"> ( is the name of the one of the pages, and everything after the folder "98tacoma" changes with different pages.) However, somewhere along the line the URL is changed to:

So I have tried using Offline Explorer to download all of the pages from the main page with all of the links, but I am only getting .pl pages which do not contain any information at all. I have also tried creating my own page with direct links to the PDFs, but that doesnt work because it will ask me to login and then when I do I am redirected to the homepage (that is also the reason why creating a batch file to download them didnt work.) Any help at all with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. -Jon
Oleg Chernavin
07/06/2004 09:47 am
I am sorry for the very late reply. The site redirects links to the PDF files. I just tried to load them with Offline Explorer and it gets the link to the PDF file correctly. Perhaps you need to change your URL Filters | Directory setting of the Project to allow downloading PDF files. They are simply located in another directory.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff