Restore not working as expected

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Al 09/13/2003 11:25 am
After installation of OE, I changed the download directory as I want to move all files to another HDD. There is one website which I dl`ed that no longer exists which I want to keep. I backed it up and restored it assuming it goes to the new HDD. Restore does not state where it is placing it (just in default folder with no option to modify) but it claims it is restoring it. When I view the restored file, OE gives "document not found" error message. This is after I have deleted the original hdd storage directory. There is something being placed on new drive but it is not the What seems to be copied is some earthlink stuff. It only seems to work if I leave the source files in the original location.

I can see the url when it is in the old directory but I do not see it in the new restored directory. It actually restores a bunch of earthlink site which is what you see if you go online now since the website is gone. I finally just manually copied the desired url directory to the new drive directory and then deleted the old directory. This seems to work.

Concern: The restore function does not seem to work correctly or at least as would be expected.


Oleg Chernavin 09/15/2003 07:08 am
Dear Al,

Thank you for the concern. We will test how the feature behaves when you have a single Projects folder.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MetaProducts corp.