W32/CTX-Virus in Offline Explorer Trial ?!

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Frank Neubauer 09/12/2003 07:48 pm
After downloading the software Offline Explorer 2.7 Trial
my Anti-Virus-Software called Anti-Vir sneds me the Message:
The File OEsetup.exe has the windows-Virus W32/CTX!
Is your Software wrong or infected ?

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Frak Neubauer
Bjorn 09/14/2003 03:37 pm
Hi Frank,

same happens here today. After downloading the oesetup.exe AntiVir reported that W32/CTX is included in this file.

Anyone else? Or is AntiVir wrong?

Oleg Chernavin 09/15/2003 06:26 am

Thank you for writing us.

We just made an antivirus check of our setup applications. We used Kaspersky Antivirus with all latest updates. The latest loaded antivirus database update is 15 September 2003. Antivirus scan showed no known viruses on all our files.

I also looked at the W32/CTX virus description. One of the signs that a file is infected is that its size can be divided by 101. I checked our setup and .exe files and no file can be divided by 101.

It could mean two possible things. First is that your antivirus program wrongly detects virus in our setup program (packed with ASPack). Or you may have a virus on your system that infects files when they complete downloading to your hard disk. I suspect the first reason, otherwise, you would have probably already detected and cleaned the virus on your system.

Again, thank you very much for letting us know.

Best regards,

| Oleg Chernavin
| Senior Development Partner
| MetaProducts Corporation
| Oleg.Chernavin@metaproducts.com
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Oleg Chernavin 04/19/2004 07:04 am
We just made another checks on all our software - it is totaly virus-free.