How to Download a Yahoo Group Photo Album

03/29/2006 07:00 am
Offline Explorer + Yahoo Group Photo Album Downloading

First you need Offline Explorer available at either And a great image viewer (for every time of media, including .jpg .gif and video) is

1. surf to the page with the thumbnails in OE browser
2. right click on the page, and choose download current page with offline explorer
3. File Filters > Images - Location box set to Load from any site, keep only .jpg .jpeg .bmp .gif extension checked
4. URL Filters > Filename - select Custom configuration and add:



5. click OK and start loading (in the top left window, right click on your project and choose "download > start"
6. use a mass rename program (I use Rename Master )to rename all the files in the C:\download\\ folder them to .jpg

by Stan via tech support of Oleg