problematic site

06/29/2017 08:47 pm
I'm downloaded a quite heavy site, however there are inconsistencies in a large number of file names,
there are also missing files and folders, once the site has finally been downloaded.

I do not understand if it is a program issue, whether it is a site not supported by the program or what?

More specifically:

This is the site I want to download, from here with all subdirectories without limitation of levels

Once the download has been completed, for example, I find files with changed names:

for example this file in my local HDD for the offline navigation:

F:\ =\DB++\\eab2\manual\Electronic Component Databook Datasheet\Brand\Texas Instruments\Data Book\1971 Texas Instruments The Integrated Circuits Catalog for Design Engine0EBFE536C3

It would be this:[1617].pdf

In other words the file-name: 1971 Texas Instruments The Integrated Circuits Catalog for Design Engineers First Edition c20030626 [1617].pdf
is now in my hard disk: 1971 Texas Instruments The Integrated Circuits Catalog for Design Engine0EBFE536C3, and as this file, there are hundreds of files that do not reflect the original name
and extensions. Also not all folders are downloaded, for example at this address (subfolder):

Only 2 folders are downloaded:

2001 1
2001 2

While the following 2 folders are simply ignored:

2002 1
2002 2

and so who knows how many other folders creating mistrust in the structure and quality of the download.

to this address (subfolder):

there is only one file, but in my HDD I find the folder created but empty

this address (subfolder):
the folder is NOT created... is a blank folder, but is not created.

The 90% of the downloaded site is perfect, the remaining 10% is mistaken.

Is a site problem ?, program ?, incompatibility? ... there is a solution?

Thanks for yours the attention