Range of pages

franz w
01/20/2017 06:57 am
I am considering buying Offline Explorer. Would this program allow me to download a range of pages from a book with the following address (this address shows page 19):

Is it a way to tell Offline explorer to download, [as above]?index=1#19-25 ?
Oleg Chernavin
01/20/2017 06:04 pm
I would suggest you Offline Explorer Pro edition.

Logon the site in its Internal browser online and click the New Project button. Use the starting URL:


And select "Open pages in the Internal browser and save" download method.

Would this work?

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
franz w
01/21/2017 06:59 am
Many thanks for your reply. I have tried your suggested solution, but there are problems. First, I have to click a pop-up window with "ok" for each page, instead once, as when accessing the book for the first time when browsing it online. Secondly, each time I click the "ok" button in the pop-up window, the view progresses to the next page, but still it seems that nothing is downloaded to the local folder. (If I do not click the "ok"-button, the view nevertheless progresses to the next page, but also in this case nothing is downloaded.)
Oleg Chernavin
01/21/2017 08:48 pm
OK. What if you would manually browse to the first of these pages in the Internal browser before starting the download. Click the OK popup message and only then download the site?

franz w
01/22/2017 03:13 pm
When I check the download option "Open every page in the Internal Browser and save", the "ok"-window pops up for each page.

When I check the download option "Use internal download code", the program circles through something, but I do not see the page parameters in the Download progress pane(i.e. the end part of the address-line consisting of "#[page numbers]") and the pages themselves are not downloadet (but a lot of other things).