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pete 11/01/2016 06:56 am
So after painstakingly downloading a site via Browse with Autosave. I'm 99% sure I got all of what I wanted. Now the unexported project works with IE6 and Chrome 49 and the built-in OE browser. But when I exported the project, using default settings, it only works to about 2-3 menu levels and nothing, it just stops there. Any ideas on a fix?

I am a registered OE user, but I don't remember if this was the email address I used.

Oleg Chernavin 11/01/2016 12:58 pm
Can you please tell me the address of the site and what pages/links do not work in the exported version?

You may also try export to EXE file which should be the most compatible way for offline browsing - it contains part of Offline Explorer browser and server to emulate online environment.

Thank you!

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Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
pete 11/02/2016 03:40 am
The site is:


It will only be downloaded in Browse with Autosave. After typing the above address a menu with Lesson 1, lesson 2, lesson 3...select one, then click start learning

after a little wait a video plays, at the top, switch between instruction, vocabulary, sentence pattern...in browse autosave they will be downloaded, click menu at lower right to return to the menu lessons.

After downloading a few videos you might try Exporting.

I would like to try your suggestion but in OE it is greyed out, I cannot select that option, only Folder on a disk and ZIP archive can be selected.
pete 11/02/2016 03:48 am
Oh, I forgot to tell you, after exporting, browsing the site would only get me as far as the lesson 1, lesson 2, lesson 3, menu page, clicking to select say, lesson 3 and then start learning will only result in a partial page with background and none of the downloaded content will show.
Oleg Chernavin 11/02/2016 09:24 pm
Oh, yes, export to EXE file is in Offline Explorer Pro edition only. I checked the site and unfortunately, only EXE export will work correctly.

It looks like the Flash applet allows itself only in online environment and EXE file emulates that properly.

pete 11/03/2016 11:16 am
Well, I just transferred the entire directory to a different drive and made a shortcut, it works, so I guess this will have to do.
Oleg Chernavin 11/03/2016 05:16 pm
That's very good!