Offline Explorer v6.6 - Function TOC toggle

Keitaro U.
05/16/2013 10:37 am
Hello everybody.

I can't find the function toctoggle in the current version.

When I save the website with Firefox I get the function with the full functionality.
I edited the main page and found this:

<table id="toc" class="toc"><tbody><tr><td><div id="toctitle"><h2>Inhaltsverzeichnis</h2>
<span class="toctoggle">&nbsp;[<a href="#" class="internal" id="togglelink">Verbergen</a>]&nbsp;</span></div>

But when I save it with the OE and edit the "default.htm" files in the saving folder, I get this:

<table id="toc" class="toc"><tr><td><div id="toctitle"><h2>Inhaltsverzeichnis</h2></div>

And pasting the missing part between </h2> and </div> doesn't work either.
At least not how the function should work. It simply adds the word "Hide" next to "Contents".

Is there a function I can save a website with the function in the current version of Offline Explorer?
I thank you very much for your help and your effort.
Oleg Chernavin
05/16/2013 10:38 am
Can you please tell me the page URL to reproduce the problem and try to fix it?

Thank you!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Keitaro U.
05/16/2013 12:17 pm
This is one of those sites:

Thanks in advance.
Keitaro U.
05/16/2013 12:21 pm
Oh, I forgot something:

This website would also do it, but we use an older version.
Oleg Chernavin
05/17/2013 05:51 pm
I examined the page in IE 10, FireFox 20 and Chrome 26. I looked at the source code and they all have:

<table id="toc" class="toc" summary="Inhaltsverzeichnis"><tr><td><div id="toctitle"><h2>Inhaltsverzeichnis</h2></div>

I also noticed that the actual web page shows the word Inhaltsverzeichnis as a link with some script attached. I think, the page gets modified by a script after it is loaded in a browser and its HTML code in the <div id="toctitle"> tag becomes a link.

I would suggest you to browse the page offline in the AutoSave mode to make sure all scripts are loaded and work correctly.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Keitaro U.
05/21/2013 10:16 am
I found out something about the scripts.
The website loads wikibits.js r42b
<script type="text/javascript" src="../../skins/common/wikibits.js@42b"><!-- wikibits js --></script>

the one in OE is r303.

So instead of saving the page as it is, it uses a script which can't handle the function showTocToggle(), I think.
Or it downgrades the script to the other and maybe older version.

Is it possible to intergrate this handling?

Thank you very much for your effort.
all-connect staff member
Keitaro U.
05/21/2013 10:16 am
Hello Mr. Chernavin,

thank you very much, it worked for http-websites.
Now I have the problem that this solution doesn't work for https.

Is there any solution for this issue?
I don't have any examples for it because I'm not allowed to give you access to the website named before.

Also I noticed that
<table id="toc" class="toc" summary="Inhaltsverzeichnis"><tr><td><div id="toctitle"><h2>Inhaltsverzeichnis</h2></div>

will change into
<table id="toc" class="toc"><tr><td><div id="toctitle"><h2>Inhaltsverzeichnis</h2></div>

If I change the source code of https-default.htm-websites back to normal, nothing will happen.
May you help me find some solution, please?

Thank you in advance.
staff member
Oleg Chernavin
05/21/2013 10:17 am
This is strange, because OE follows the link specified in the HTML code and loads teh corresponding file. How it can get a wrong version of the script if the link points to the correct one?

Keitaro U.
05/21/2013 11:57 am
I have tried it with another offline browser for testing.
It uses IE and tells me that there is a script error on every page I visit.

Line: 118
Characters: 1
Error: "mw" is undefined
Code: 0

Line 118 in this script is:
var skinpath = mw.config.get( 'stylepath' ) + '/' + mw.config.get( 'skin' );

I don't know why it is asking about 303?

What about the fact that I have to identify myself with Firefox 10.0?
Maybe that ID of OE can't handle these functions, so the identification might have to be upgraded,
for example 17, 19 or even 21 now; the same for IE and Opera!?

I hope you can do something about it. Thank you in advance.
Oleg Chernavin
05/22/2013 06:26 am
IE identification uses the current from your browser. Please try it - you may see the exact identification data using the Log.

I will change FireFox identification to version 21 in the next version.

Keitaro U.
05/22/2013 08:54 am
Thank you.
I hope you can find a solution.

I tested "" with the AutoSave mode. In the OE window I see the function works correctly, but outside it doesn't even show the function. I also compared the source code of the main page in OE and the in Firefox 21, they have both the same size, but don't have the function "toctoggle" written in it. The class "toc" is written in the files, so something caan't be loaded correctly, but I still don't know what or why.

I also think on the one hand that the OE might download these scripts itself in some folder(s), on the other hand http-websites do work. Besides it could be that the AutoSave mode loaded some files which weren't integrated in the browser files, so that I could browse without the OE.

If you find anything helpful, let me know, please. For now it might be enough to buy it.
AC Staff Member
Keitaro U.
05/22/2013 09:10 am
And I forgot to tell something.

No matter what I download, a HTTPS-website of all-connect with a login access or a HTTPS-website of wikipedia,
I think the problem depends on HTTP and HTTPS.

HTTP does work, HTTPS doesn't, at least not outside of OE.
Oleg Chernavin
05/22/2013 01:50 pm
I think I am close to fix this. Please let me one more day to finish. Thank you!

Oleg Chernavin
05/23/2013 10:16 am
I made several improvements and now the page works perfectly offline in the Internal browser of Offline Explorer.

However the menu is not expandable after export and when browsing outside of Offline Explorer. I do think that the browser disables some script features and capabilities when browsing directly from the disk. Because of security precautions.

One way to overcome this is to export to EXE file, which contains both browser and server.

Keitaro U.
05/23/2013 02:36 pm
I would be excited to see the improvements.
Is it possible to show me what you have done or is it possible to revert some changes?
My boss told me that the menu would be essential to browse,
so if I can't shrink it, it won't be this bad. But the opposite would definitely do it.

And thank you very much in advance that you do this much work for us.
AC Staff Member
Oleg Chernavin
05/24/2013 06:47 am
Please update your oe.exe file to this version:

Let me know how it works after you redownload the site. Thank you!

Keitaro U.
05/24/2013 11:24 am
I have updated the OE.exe, but now I can't see the script itself anymore in the internal OE browser.
I have tested it with

I can't see the link, neither when I start it with OE nor when I open the default.htm with Firefox 21.
Well, I don't know what has been improved even you told me already,
but at the moment I think that the older version is still better than this new one.

As my boss still hasn't bought OE, I couldn't test the export function.
Until now I downloaded the whole page with a "floor" level of 1 and only text, pics, misc./custom.
And after this procedure I opened the default.htm with my web browser to test the scripts.

It didn't work even with neither inside or outside of the OE browser.
Well, may you tell me what you did, please, because I don't get it?

I would probably answer your question on Monday. Thank you in advance for your effort and have a nice weekend.
AC Staff Member
Oleg Chernavin
05/27/2013 12:22 pm
I made another change. Can you please redownload the site with this version:

Keitaro U.
05/28/2013 06:47 am
Now it works.

But I'm not able to test the export function so I have to wait until my boss is going to buy it.

Besides is it possible to update the websites when I have already exported it to EXE file?

Thanks in advance.
Oleg Chernavin
05/28/2013 06:49 am
Unfortunately, you can update a Project download only if it is kept in the Projects tree. If you exported it to EXE and deleted from Offline Explorer, importing from EXE file is impossible yet.

We plan to add reimport in later versions, however.

Keitaro U.
05/28/2013 08:01 am
Ok, thank you for your answer.

I don't exactly know what exporting to EXE file means, so would you tell me about it?
Can I compare it to MHT files for IE? The help in OE tells me that exporting to MHT will be in only one file.

We think about the use of buying OE or the professional one.
Is it possible to install OE on more than one computer and use one of them at the same time?
And is it possible to reinstall OE once we have installed and deleted or formatted the other one?

Thank you very much in advance for your effort so far.

AC Staff Member
Oleg Chernavin
05/30/2013 10:20 am
You mentioned export to EXE file yourself above:

"Besides is it possible to update the websites when I have already exported it to EXE file?"

This export is available in Professional edition, not in the Standard one. It contains both the site browser and the whole compressed site in one executable file.

You may reinstall Offline Explorer and register it again. But installing on several computers is allowed only for personal use - e.g. on desktop and laptop for travelling.

Keitaro U.
06/03/2013 04:50 am

I have one last issue.

1. What are the differences between updates and upgrades?
2. How long does the license last when I buy OE without a lifetime upgrade? Is there a time limit?
3. How many updates and/or upgrades may I get when I have bought OE one time without the lifetime upgrade?

I ask because I didn't get an answer after writing a inquiry to the support, I think.

Thank you so much for your effort answering me all these questions.
ac staff member

Oleg Chernavin
06/03/2013 04:55 am
Updates are free to all minor revisions and upgrades to any further major versions cost 50% of the regular price.

We usually release major versions (6.0, 7.0, etc.) once in 3 years.

7.0 version will be probably released in 1.5 years from now.

Keitaro U.
06/03/2013 07:31 am
In the help I have read I can order a download protection.

I don't know, but does this mean that my license key will only work with the exact version of OE which I downloaded once, so there isn't any possibility to use a key of an older version for a newer, for example a key from 6.7.1101 for 6.7.1120, is there?

ac staff member
Oleg Chernavin
06/03/2013 07:42 am
It means that we keep the exact version rom our site on the moment of your order. And you may download it anytime. If you would need any later version, you may write us a request and we would send you a link.