Folder name too long

01/24/2013 01:27 am

When i download a website, offline explorer will create some folder with long name. Such like below:
"_25e3_2580_258a_25e7_2599_25be_25e8_25bc_2589_25e4_25b8_2580_25e5_25bf_2583_25e3_2580_258b_25e9_259f_25b3_25e6_25a8_2582_25e5_258a_2587". When i copy export website files to IIS. System will shown folder name too long, unable to copy.

Is that any export options or methods to change such long folder name? Thank you.
Oleg Chernavin
01/24/2013 07:28 am
You may use the Export - Filenames Format option - select Joliet (64-symbols) format there.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
01/24/2013 10:11 pm
Very well. Its work.

Thank you very much.
Oleg Chernavin
01/25/2013 05:01 am
You are welcome!