Unicode support bug for characters inside html files

01/06/2013 10:53 am
I am working with OE 6.4.3842

when saving file with Unicode characters OE sometimes (not for all unicode chars) saves them incorrectly (or differently?) from the way chrome is saving the same files. When I save in chrome and edit the file later with text editor (notepad++)
all the Unicode characters are correctly represented. but when OE saves the file only some characters (e.g. russian) are represented correctly other are:

1. sometimes OE replaces the Unicode char with "box char" in notepad++ (e.g. Japanese characters in fantlab.ru/work160395). But russian characters are represented correctly for some reason.

2. sometimes OE saves them as &#FFFF; codepoints in notepad++ (e.g. Chinese in fantlab.ru/work226896)
again the russian characters are saved correctly.

when saving the same pages manually they are saved saved correctly and shows chinese and japanese characters in notepad++.

I need it to be the same representation as manual saving of the file.
how can I do it?

Oleg Chernavin
01/07/2013 02:44 pm
I used 6.5 version and created two Projects to download these URLs. Then I viewed downloaded pages offline and also their source code in Notepad - all Unicode symbols were readable.

Can you please send me the downloaded source file with the broken symbols via support@metaproducts.com?

Thank you!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
01/10/2013 12:45 pm
Hi Oleg, did you see the problem in the file I sent you or is only on my computer?
Oleg Chernavin
01/10/2013 01:16 pm
I didn't get such E-mail from our support. I just sent you an E-mail to the address you left in this forum. Please attach the files in reply to it.

Thank you!