Update Project question

Jim Smith
10/17/2012 09:20 am
When the update project function is used the program rechecks the whole website for new or modified files, that is what i understand.
Is this because there is not a single contents or index file in websites that simply list changes, thus making updating a project faster but not checking the whole website from top to bottom?
Oleg Chernavin
10/17/2012 02:08 pm
Yes, it is actually a full redownload of the site with one difference - it asks the server for every URL it downloads whether it was changed since the last download. This is why it is usually faster than a full redownload.

Another useful mode is if there is an index page that links to pages. The pages stay the same, while index page is updated and new links appear on it. In this case it is useful to set "Skip existing files on levels higher than 0". It would load the index page and only the links to newly added pages.