Offline Explorer Download only 7 files

Jim Smith
10/16/2012 04:57 pm
Offline Explorer Download only 7 files from this website,, other websites are ok when i use it on them. How can i solve this? Only files downloaded are the following;

Name Type Size(KB)


File(s): 0 - Size: 0 Byte(s).

__utm.gif ACDSee Pro 5 GIF Ima 0

File(s): 1 - Size: 35 Byte(s).

about.htm Firefox HTML Documen 11
default.htm Firefox HTML Documen 9

File(s): 2 - Size: 20262 Byte(s).

default.htm Firefox HTML Documen 11

File(s): 1 - Size: 11216 Byte(s).

urchin.js JScript Script File 22
__utm.gif ACDSee Pro 5 GIF Ima 0

File(s): 2 - Size: 22880 Byte(s).

Total Folder(s): 4
Total File(s): 6
Total Files Size: 0 MB; 53 KB; 54393 Byte(s).
Oleg Chernavin
10/16/2012 04:58 pm
The site detects massive download and doesn't allow that. Try to set 1 connection and 3-5 seconds delay between downloads on the Internet tab of the Ribbon.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Jim Smith
10/17/2012 04:56 am
It seems to considered itself completed while its not. It fails to download for example the monsters under as well as spells . The indexes are downloaded but what is inside, any further pages, them is not.
I also had to manually get the site map via "download site map" as it would not be displayed before.

Does it not see these other files as "missing files"? Are they not in its list to download? Or does it simply gets denied by the website? I tried changing the internet options but this did not change.
In the download folder itself it seems to contain pretty much all the pages i browsed with the download option on and not much else.
Jim Smith
10/17/2012 05:09 am
On the Levels tab, the pages that are not downloaded are listed with a half-faded ie icon, but i cannot click them in order to download them from there one by one. So it can see them in its lists but it just stops sort of grabbing them?
Oleg Chernavin
10/17/2012 07:24 am
You can select a not yet downloaded page on the Levels tab and click the Download button.

I suppose the server doesn't like automated downloading. If the server rules do not allow this, it would be a violation to make the download.

Jim Smith
10/17/2012 08:42 am
ok, thanks