Error in OE-HTML-Page

Ralf W.
05/31/2012 05:32 am

I have downloaded a OE-Projekt from our local intranet-site.
The pages are displayed without an error in IE9, but in Firefox 12 I see an empty page.

A part of the HTML-Code for these pages looks like this:
<form action=""><span style="display:none"></p><font color="#0000FF">Sie werden weitergeleitet ..</font></span>

It seems that the <p> is responsible for the fault.
If I delete this (or add a </p>) the page is also displayed in firefox without problems.

Any advice?

Oleg Chernavin
05/31/2012 05:35 am

This is quite unusual. Offline Explorer keeps all tags exactly as they are on the online page. Do you have problems viewing the page directly from the Intranet site in FireFox?

It is also possible to use Offline Explorer Pro URL Substitutes feature to replace texts directly while downloading. If it is an option for you, I would ask to send the full HTML code of the page to and I will give you exact instructions on what to do.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff