Desktop shortcut for specific file

06/06/2010 10:20 am
I use OE for one purpose only which is to access the Help file on Paint.NET. It is very good and very fast but I have to use the OE Desktop Shortcut followed by closing the New Project Window and then clicking on the project icon and finally choosing full screen view. Is there a way of creating a shortcut for this file which opens the file directly with a single click?. I have tried right clicking on the Desktop followed by New Shortcut with different locations but with no success.


Oleg Chernavin
06/09/2010 05:03 am
Yes, this is possible. Change the shortcut Properties - Target field:

"c:\Program Files\Offline Explorer\oe.exe" /Browse Default/0 /NoWizard /MaximizeIB

If the path to oe.exe is different, keep it as-is.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
06/10/2010 09:13 am

Thanks for the reply but unfortunately I cannot get it to work. The target field in the Desktop shortcut is: "c:\Program Files\Offline Explorer\oe.exe". I copied the shortcut and tried changing it to: "c:\Program Files\Offline Explorer\oe.exe" /Browse Default/0 /NoWizard /MaximizeIB and also tried putting it in a new shortcut (Rt clicking on Desktop) but not valid. Are the entries in the path such as Browse Default, No Wizard etc parameters which require me to replace? If so I am lost! A search of your Help section did not find "Shortcut" and I have pushed every button.

Sorry to be so dim and I hope you can explain.

Oleg Chernavin
06/10/2010 10:04 am
The explanation is in the Advanced Features - Command Line Parameters topic. If it will not help, let me know.