Can I download everything in a webstie (that includes all links and its contents) ?

01/07/2010 12:41 pm
I tried to download a website by using Offline Explorer Pro to my computer and it worked. I'm able to open the website without internet connection. However, when I try to click on any link in that website, i get a message tells me that I need to connect to the internet again to download that link in the computer in order to be able to open it offline. Is there any way that allow me to download all contents of the websit?
01/07/2010 01:00 pm
And can I download all content of a website by just putting the URLs address in "new project" in the program,
so I don't even need to browse the website first in the program?
thank you
Oleg Chernavin
01/07/2010 02:39 pm
Yes, I think, you simply need to specify a higher level setting. Perhaps, level was set to 0, which means only the starting Web page.

If this doesn't help, let me know the site URL and I will see what is wrong.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff