Offline Explorer Pro slows down my computer

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B. Jansen 11/12/2016 10:29 am

when Offline Explorer Pro 7.3 is downloading it slows down my computer so it's almost unusable. When I close the program everything is fine again.

I'm using a HP Microserver Gen8 with a Xeon E3 1220 V2 and 16 GB RAM.

I'm only using 4 download channels and the cpu load is only 20 % but I can't do anything else when Offline Explorer is running.

What can I do?

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Oleg Chernavin 11/12/2016 07:24 pm
Can you please check in the process manager, if WSOE.exe is running and using CPU or not? It can be safely stopped.

Please let me know if it helps.

B. Jansen 11/13/2016 04:20 pm

thanks for your reply. No, there isn't such a process only OE.exe with 20% CPU load ... but the computer is horrible slow: when I click on something it takes up to 2 minutes until the reaction occurs.

B. Jansen
Oleg Chernavin 11/14/2016 06:28 pm
Other ideas to try:

1. Open the Options dialog - Files section. Click the Clear URLs Database button.

If this would not help:

2. Set number of connections to 1 and delay between downloads to 1 second.

Please test downloads after each step and let me know if anything improves the performance.

Thank you!