Hardcode downloaded file type extension?

09/15/2015 12:54 pm
Dear Sirs,

When I download ASPX files and save them to C:\downloads the file type for each file is not unique. I would like each file to have a .txt, .aspx, or simply .html extension when saved. I do not want to EXPORT to achieve this, instead I would like the downloader to save the file with a desired (hard-coded) file type extension. How can I do this with the project settings?

Thank you,
Oleg Chernavin
09/16/2015 03:10 pm

We didn't plan to add such feature yet. The main reason is that it is not known what type of a file it would be when you find a link in HTML code.

For example, a page A.html contains link to B.aspx. We start downloading B.aspx and it appears to be a ZIP file, not an HTML page. We save B.aspx as B.zip or B.aspx.zip.

Then when the download finishes we have to go through all HTML pages again and correct all links to B.aspx to the new filename. It is called relinking. Otherwise, all links will be broken.

The above is absolutely the same as the Export Files process - parsing all web pages and other files with links.

We decided to make the download faster and not require a user to wait for relinking upon the download end. With the help of the Internal Browser and Internal Server it is possible to browse downloaded web site without proper extensions.

If a user needs standalone browsing he may use Export Files and spend extra time to relink the files.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff