URL not being converted for offline

Peter Harkness
01/18/2015 06:58 pm
Another question (sorry I'm mirroring an internal site) re URLS not being rewritten for offline reading.

This is a excerpt from a downloaded file where the URLS have been rewritten for offline use. However there are a series of script URLS which have not been re-written, for example:

<td><a onMouseover="show_text(0,'div1')" onMouseout="resetit('div1')" href="default.htm"><img src="img/home.gif" width="44" height="34" srcover="img/homeove.gif" srcdown="http://update.emea/img/home.gif" border="0"></td></a>

The section at the end still has the original online URL. Should this not be rewritten? When this offline page is viewed the browser still tries to connect to the original host.

"Evaluate Script Calculations " is ticked in the project

Oleg Chernavin
01/18/2015 07:06 pm
It is not because of scripts, but because of the non-standard tag. I will try to fix this. But not sure how much time it would take.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff