Can download, cannot export: Folders with all but one file excluded

12/16/2014 02:43 pm
Hi Oleg,

I am struggling with a project in which I can download the content and browse it with OE, but I cannot export all of it as many files will go missing as OE "thinks" they are not part of the project (!).

It looks like the issue is related to the program confused between having a folder or a file. After excluding with URL filters all files of a folder except the main one (default.htm), the content directory contains a file with the folder name instead of a folder with a "default" file. When downloading the map, it seems to be expecting to have the folder instead of the file and neither the folder default.htm or the file outside the folder with the folder name are part of the project.

When browsing with OE it finds the single file but when exporting, as it is not considered part of the project, it is not in the exported set...

Deleting the files from the project within the program leaves behind in the downloads directory all the left-over files that were not considered part of the project and that I cannot get to export...

I am using 6.9.4156 SR1 (Pro). Is there any way around this? -other than downloading more of the folder, which would add a lot of content to the project.

Thanks in advance!
Oleg Chernavin
12/16/2014 04:44 pm
You may select the Project and use the Tools - Restore Project Map button. It would go through all downloaded files of the Project and would add them if they are allowed by URL Filters, File Filters, Level, etc.

Please see the Parsing... message on the status bar - when it disappears, the Map restoration process is complete.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff