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J Frank LaDue 12/10/2013 03:41 pm
Curious as to how to download a complete book from I found a reference in the forum back in 2007 but it was not a help. The book I am interested in is: The Family of Brocas of Beaurepaire and Roche Court: Hereditary Masters of the Royal Buckhounds, with Some Account of the English Rule in Aquitaine
Oleg Chernavin 12/11/2013 10:31 am
I looked at this book in Google and it didn't offer any ebook for any of its editions. Do you have a URL that can read the whole book?

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Oleg Chernavin
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J Frank LaDue 01/20/2014 10:30 pm
Hi - Sorry for the delay, I lost track of this issue. I do have a similar issue with another book and the URL for the book in question is :

At least I hope that is it....that is the URL that showed up after I searched for the term "captain richard bullock"
Oleg Chernavin 01/21/2014 03:07 pm
I studied this, but found no way to download the book so far. Sorry!

J Frank LaDue 01/21/2014 03:19 pm
Appreciate the effort and thanks for the support

Oleg Chernavin 01/21/2014 03:41 pm
You are welcome!