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Dirk 08/29/2013 06:56 am
Hi all!
I am using Offline Explorer 6.4 on a Win7 Pro 32bit System.
I try to file the following page and other pages like this:

(Other pages: or and many more.)

The issue is to file a working HTML archive which allows tracing science work – especially content analysis. Screen shots are only the second choice because it doesn’t show the interactivity of these stunning graphics.

With all these graphics I have the same problem. I cannot file this kind of content. I realized that SVG layers are not taken by OE Pro.

001_Screenshot.JPG – shows the Fire Bug analysis of the original web page. (
002_Screenshot.JPG – shows the Fire Bug analysis of the OE Pro archive. (

As you can see in the screenshots the svg-layer doesn’t appear in the OE Pro archive (blue markings). It doesn’t matter how deep OE Pro crawls: 0 links or 3 links. (Project Properties.) I tried it both. The result was the same like in 002_Screenshot.JPG shown.
SVG extension is added under User-defined.
Just in case I exported the project-txt-file (

Further there could be perhaps a problem with the “#”-symbol for comments in the URL address field if I try to catch this one: It’s a script based tab-navigation in the page above.
I would be thankful for any solution.
Oleg Chernavin 09/04/2013 05:52 pm
I looked at the site and found that the SVG layer is generated in a complex script on the page. I tried to improve Offline Explorer to make the script working offline, but all efforts failed. Sorry, I don't have better ideas on how to make it work.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Dirk 09/05/2013 01:58 am
Dear Oleg, thank you for working on my issue.
Best regards
Oleg Chernavin 09/05/2013 08:23 am
You are welcome! I only wish it could help...