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06/28/2013 02:13 am
Downloaded files: 15.207
Not modified: 0
Parsed files: 3.795
Not found: 75
Error while downloading: 0
Aborted/Limited: 0
Downloaded files size: 22.128.823.020 bytes (21186.4 Mb)


the above is a quote from the Project Statistics (Ctrl+Alt+S). It says "Not found: 75". Interesting. What does it mean, or how can i know *which* files or URL's were not found. This way i could alert the webmaster to correct the error on the webpages or on the servers.
Knowing the 75 errors is also great for documentation purposes to accompany the download project :)

Please let me know, thanks!!
Best wishes

Oleg Chernavin
06/28/2013 10:04 am

These files can be a result of Offline Explorer's attempts to get links from scripts. Sometimes it finds what is actually not a link, but simply looks so.

To find our such errors you may turn on Log and allow Disconnect Messages in its Filters.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
06/28/2013 11:41 am
Hello :)
thanks for your message.

Oh, i did turn on the Log and the 'Disconnect Status' only. I love the logging capability of OEP:

The Statistics says "Downloaded files: 15.207" (Windows Explorer search finds 15209 files, not counting the *.WD3-files).

The Log contains a total of 15286 lines (not counting the title line):
+15266 lines which contain "Download complete. URL: http://" and
+ 2 lines which say "Close Transaction complete. " and
+ 4 lines which say "Download complete. Status: 302 Object Moved." and
+ 14 lines which say "Aborted. Image was expected" and

In other words, the Log *says* 15266 times that it downloaded the URL fine but the actual download *count* is 15207, which means that 59 URL's were not saved to disk.

Looking at the Log i don't see anything suspicious. Is there any chance to identify the 59 URL's (with my Log), or even better: Why not hyperlink the "Not found: 75" (and also the "Error while downloading: 0") of the Project Statistics window to an automatically created HTML-report file which lists these problematic instances? This way the user would not have to Log anything or examine the long Log file by sight.

(( With some efforts and luck and my listing tools, i could do a TXT comparison of the Log file against the file listing and then identify the 59 URL's. But OEP should list the 75 problematic URL's on its own imho, e.g. in a HTML-report. ))

Oleg Chernavin
06/28/2013 12:36 pm
I replied you by E-mail.

06/29/2013 05:10 am
Got your email, thanks for it.
All righty then, questions/problems are all solved i guess!


I totally admire the sophistication and maturity of OEP/POB. Amazing software!!
Oleg Chernavin
06/29/2013 08:34 am
Thank you very much! It became this way only because of people who suggest new features!