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Gleb 05/14/2013 08:00 am
Hi all, I need to inclide a '#' in my url but this is treated as a comment tag by the offline explorer, which truncates my url. Is there a work around this issue?


Oleg Chernavin 05/14/2013 08:00 am
Can you please give me a particular example?

Thank you!

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Oleg Chernavin
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Archie 11/15/2013 04:05 am
One simple example is:

Create new project.
Add following url for download : http://www.test.com/page#{:1..3}
Download the project.

Expected three start URLSs generated by the macro is


the actually created three URLs are:


Everything from the hash-tag and onwards is erased. Incredibly annoying and clearly a bug since it is a valid URL to have a hash-tag in it, ie a browser can correctly browse to the URL :/
Oleg Chernavin 11/15/2013 04:35 am
It only looks like a bug. The web server completely ignores everything after the # symbol in the URL. Or it even can reply that this URL is not found (404).

The hash tag and the part after it is only displayed in the browser. After the page was loaded the script on it reads the hash part and changes the page layout according to it. Sometimes the script loads other data (AJAX).

If my words do not convince you, please let me know the example and I will make tests with sending the hash part to the server. I am interested myself in the result.

Archie 11/15/2013 02:56 pm
Yes, I believe you. But in the server I try to use OEP for the data is only visible with the full URL including all data after the hashtag (more then a number like my example) and it don't work with OEP since it seems it removes the data after the hashtag?

Unfortunatly due to a NDA I can't give a more detailed example than the one above. I have been contracted to provide a solution to a customer who in turn works with a internal websajt that indeed uses hashtags in the URL. But if the hashtags are removed from the resulting URL in OEP the data sought can't be found.

OEP would have otherwise solved the problem my customer have. Anyway, thanks for the answer. I gather that OEP can't solve my problem and I will have to continue looking elsewhere for an over the counter tool. :/
Oleg Chernavin 11/15/2013 03:31 pm
Yes, I see. Anyway, if you would not find a solution, contact me directly at support@metaproducts.com, perhaps I would have ideas on how to help here.