Garbled offline grabbed site and bandwidth problem

11/04/2012 05:44 am

I'm trying to make an offline copy of the blog

which is pretty simple layout with lots of youtube videos embedded in its pages.
Settings for OE are: 1 level depth links from start URL and stay on the server limiting the URLs to

I stepped in the following two issues:

1 - the grabbed pages all messed up (garbled) with wrong layout and images posiioned over text and the videos
2 - there are over 300 videos accounting for several GBs hosted on youtube and embeeded in the pages which are mirrored offline by OE but:
a - when I paused the download and then resumed it OE deleted all the already (around 2 GB ...) downloaded videos and restarted downloading them from scratch... how to keep the offline copy in synch without such a waste of time and bandwidth?
b -the video players are no visible in the mirrored pages, only in the internal browser and only when you mouse-hover over the supposed video clip locations in the page

Thank you for help
Oleg Chernavin
02/20/2013 08:10 am
Sorry for the long time. We just released a new version that should improve YouTube videos downloads.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff