Crazy referrer question

09/27/2012 10:51 am
I have a referrer question/challenge. I'm getting the following URL for a .jpg image:


I know that I'd rather download this with a more useful name AND a more useful directory. The referrer is:


Is there a way I can download the crazy image to my local drive as *****.com/viewer/[DIRECTORY]/image[IMAGENUMBER]_[SIZE].jpg?
Oleg Chernavin
09/27/2012 12:01 pm
Sorry, I haven't done this for referers in the URL Substitutes feature yet.

I will think on how to implement this, but so far all ideas look too complicated for the user interface. I would not want to add a kind of programming language there.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
09/27/2012 02:27 pm
Thanks for the quick reply. I'm sure a solution for ALL the requests you get could be very complex. I just thought that adding one more box to the URL substitutes might work in my case. Something like this:

Instead of just URL:, Replace: and With:, we could use
URL:, Referrer:, Replace:, and With:

In my example, the entries would be:
URL: http://www.[servername].com/image/*
Referrer: http://[servername].com/viewer/image?code={var3}&index={var2}&size={var1}
Replace: /image/*
With: /viewer/{var3}/image{var2}_{var1}.jpg

The trick would be allowing for more than three relocated parts, to make this effective. Out of curiosity, why limit the number of relocated parts? Three is OK for me, honestly, but using more with custom names (within curly brackets?) might be more helpful to users. Anyway, thanks again for the quick response! I love Offline Explorer!

Oleg Chernavin
09/28/2012 05:38 pm
Yes, it is an interesting idea! I will think more about implementing it this way.

I also like the variables approach.