Using OE-Pro as download scheduler with IE9

09/20/2012 05:29 pm
Oleg et al,

I am selectively (manually) choosing a large number of files from a set of sites using Internet Exploer 9 and the simple "save target as" capability that adds these files to IE's native download manager. I know this is 'primative' when one has OE at one's disposal but there's no pattern (aside from my subjective taste) to the files being chosen.

So this all works fine in IE9 alone however as there's no inherent scheduling in IE9's download manager, the files all start saving in parrallel which means each file gets less and less bandwidth. And eventually too many are downloading for the link's total b/w and timeouts can happen.

I would prefer to be able to have, say, 5 download at a time and when one's complete the 6th will start, then the 7th, etc. Obviously this is a standard capability in OE-P.

So - question - is there any way I can combine the manual 'save target as' of IE9 with OE-Pro so as to have OE Pro manage the rate and number of downloads from the site as i've chosen them through "save target as" ? The site does require a login .

Cheers, Peter
Oleg Chernavin
09/22/2012 09:27 am
If there would be no logon problem, I would suggest to right-click the web page in IE and use the Download with Offline Explorer menu (OE's default template should be setup to use Level=0).

Otherwise, you may browse with the help of the Internal browser of Offline Explorer - this way, the logged on cookie will be shared with the downloading module.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff