Load project url list from file?

06/05/2012 08:04 am
Hello.. I was wondering, and it might be a bit counterproductive, but..

Is it possible to somehow load a set of specific urls to fetch from a file?

I mean, I have this project where there's alot of single urls to fetch (and is rather long, 737 entries atm) which
is prone to change. The list of urls is generated from a webpage and saved into a textfile.
I'd like to somehow get the project to use the urls in that file (without copy/paste every time).

If there isn't, may I suggest adding something like:

to be able to do something like this.
Whatever is in that file should be applied and parsed _when you start the project_, just
as if it had been in the project "adresses" field.

If I should describe it another way, it'll be similar to how the <#include> statement works in C/C++ (i.e it doesn't replace whatever is in the address box, but adds the items from the file at the time you start the project).
Oleg Chernavin
06/05/2012 08:05 am
This is already supported. Simply specify the macro in the URLs field:


It should be a text file with 1 URL per line.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
06/06/2012 10:42 pm
Nice! :)

After you replied, I tried using that.. and it worked, but not according to the helpfile (depending on how you
define "values").

It loaded the urls properly, but statements such as:

was also treated like urls.

Until now I wasn't aware OE could load from file, but it's apparently urls only, and not:
"This macro be replaced with values loaded from the specified text file. One value should be specified on a line" as it said in the documentation (note, :file was in the middle of assorted urlgeneration macros, so it didn't catch my attention, especially when it talked about values)

Maybe the docs needs an update to make this clearer.
Oleg Chernavin
06/07/2012 12:38 pm
Yes, I will correct the Help file now. Thank you!