How to download files from these addresses

Thomas Hanes
01/25/2012 10:04 am

I use OE Pro and I have a problem with downloading files from these addresses.
Please advice what filters to apply here, the address from which starting download.
I would like to keep the original date file modification if it is a possibility

I typed the URL * / *
This starts downloading files from the entire page, and I wants only the directory / nap / and deeper

Here, in the name of the directory are random numbers and letters

These are jpeg files without extension

For these addresses, I want to download only html files

For help in advance thank you
Oleg Chernavin
01/25/2012 10:12 am
I am totally confused. Can you please let me know the actual URLs of the pages and explain which links you want to follow/save and which - to skip?

Thank you!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Thomas Hanes
01/26/2012 04:35 am
I gave no real links because they are the adult, and do not know if the forum can post such information. Going back to my problem

Hence, I want to download everything from the folder / nap /

Hence, I want to download everything from the folder / daypics / but I have trouble in the address because there are numbers and letters

These are jpeg files without extension

Hence, I want to download all of the folders / 5000 /, / 5000p3 /, 3245cde /, / 12fr432 /, / 432bj/etc.

I also want to keep the file modification date on the server such as
thank you
Oleg Chernavin
01/26/2012 06:03 am
I need to look at the starting URL to make suggestions. Because as I understand, you also need to download web pages with the links to the images.

Sometimes it is easier to make a full download and then simply remove the unwanted directories using the Map.

If your desire is to get all big images and skip small/thumbnails, you can use Properties - File Filters - Images - check the minimum file size box and enter, say, 100 KB there.